Seemplicity secures a total of $32M to bring the future of work to security teams!


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Simplify Automate Scale Streamline Optimize

the Way Security Teams Drive Risk Down

The Founding Team

Yoran Sirkis CEO

Yoran is a veteran of the Israeli security industry, who brings vast hands-on expertise in sales & technology. Yoran previously served as the CEO of Covertix (Acquired by Microfocus), Managing Partner at Comsec Innovation and VP Professional Services at Comsec Global.

Ravid Circus CPO

Ravid is a cyber security expert with a successful track record of over 20 years. As the former VP of Customer Success and VP of Products at Skybox Security, Ravid brings a unique combination of deep technical excellence with practical, hands-on experience.

Rotem Cohen Gadol CTO

Rotem brings over 12 years of experience in large-scale, cyber system designs and development. Prior to Seemplicity, Rotem held leadership engineering positions at IDF'S elite cyber intelligence Unit 8200 and Argus Cyber Security.

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Advised by Top Experts

Rene Bonvanie

Advisor to startups & VCs, EIR Battery Ventures & CMO Emeritus of Palo Alto Networks. Participated in the financing and joined Seemplicity’s board.

Elad Yoran

A several-time successful entrepreneur, executive, board member and investor. Serves as director at several government and industry boards.

Rich Baich

A skilled business executive and recognized security leader, former Chief Information Security Officer at AIG and Wells Fargo.

Kevin Mahaffey

An active investor, Kevin has invested in more than 60 startups, focusing on enterprise software and technology-driven transformation of large markets.

Chenxi Wang

Founder and general partner of Rain Capital. Chenxi serves on the board of directors of MDU Resources and the OWASP global foundation.

Mark Smith

A sought-after go-to-market advisor for cybersecurity start-ups. Mark has led multiple global sales teams to achieve high growth outcomes.

Our Story

Before Seemplicity, our founders spent more than 5 decades collectively dealing with security risk management. They experienced first-hand and through numerous customers the struggle involved in driving security risk down - too many disaggregated tools, too much manual work, too many excel sheets and not enough staff to connect the dots between fragmented security findings, siloed teams and distributed tracking systems. They understood security could not scale under these circumstances.

And so Seemplicity was born with the mission to drive and scale risk reduction efforts, simply. We created one digital space where all risk reduction processes happen in an automated and optimized manner. Finally, silos can be eliminated, the organization can be aligned, and teams can be elevated.

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