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Seemplicity Optimizes Collaborative Vulnerability Remediation with Microsoft Teams
Tanvi Tapadia, June 24th 2024

Communication across business units, technology layers, and systems is a massive challenge when it comes to streamlining any process, especially vulnerability remediation.

Seemplicity’s new Microsoft Teams integration elevates cross team collaboration by facilitating the distribution of information, remediation requests, and more. These capabilities enable users to share findings with varying levels of context, depending on the recipients’ requirements. .

This new integration caters to that by allowing users to share:

  • A Scope and Filter link to view all findings that fall within a certain category
  • Multiple findings in a queue that can be configured to send recurring reports automatically
  • A single finding to a link with the option to attach a CSV within the message

The connectivity with Microsoft Teams is a strategic step toward a larger initiative to foster alignment and communication between security and development teams with ease and efficiency at the forefront.

See how it works:
To get started with Microsoft Teams for Seemplicity, contact your customer services rep. To get started with Seemplicity, click here.

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