Seemplicity secures a total of $32M to bring the future of work to security teams!

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Bringing the Future of Work to Security Teams

Siloed Security Tools. Tons of Findings. Multiple Development Teams. Resource-constrained Security Teams. It’s time for a change.

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Security Teams Have Been Left Behind in the Digitization Revolution

The fundamentals of workplace productivity have been
redefined with automated workflows in nearly all
domains. But what about security?

When it comes to driving risk down, security teams are forced to play air traffic controller – deduplicating, sorting, and prioritizing every security finding that comes in, then routing and following up with developers all across the organization to make sure problems get fixed.

The result, a massive administrative burden on an already resource-constrained team, stubbornly long time-to-remediation, friction between security and development and an inability to scale.

Introducing The Risk Reduction & Productivity Platform for Modern Security Teams

Goodbye Bottlenecks, Hello Efficiency

Seemplicity revolutionizes the way security teams work by automating, optimizing and scaling all risk reduction workflows in one workspace.

Find Signal Through the Noise

  • Integration with all commerical and free scanners.
  • One normalized list of all your findings with no duplications.
  • Aggregated findings with the same solution on the same resource.

Save Security & Development Teams' Time

  • Automatic identification of remediation owners, allowing for scripted hand-overs.
  • Continous tracking of remediation progress and SLA.
  • Exceptions, such as rejected tickets or tickets with a fixed status but an open finding, are automatically redirected to the security team for review.

Track Progress & Reduce Time-to-Remediation

  • Track remediation progress by teams, tools, severity and more.
  • Plan ahead with expected workloads according to SLA.
  • Empower developers to own the security backlog.

Everything You Need to Achieve Operational Effciency

Time to Value

SaaS platform.
No-code at heart.
Drag & Drop.

Grows With
Your Team & Tech

Dynamic organisational

that Fits Your Needs

SSO, RBAC. Highly customizable integration per team, no “one
size fits all”.

Seeing is Believing

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