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Seemplicity secures a total of $32M to bring the future of work to security teams!

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Seemplicity Resources

Shrink Your Attack Surface with Unified Vulnerability Management

Say goodbye to chaos and hello to control with unified vulnerability management

Seemplicity Solution Brief

Accelerate remediation and streamline vulnerability management with Seemplicity's RemOps solution

Accelerate Risk Reduction with RemOps

Accelerate risk reduction with Seemplicity's RemOps solution

Turn Business Leaders into Security Champions

Discover practical methods to turn your business into a security stronghold.

Accelerate Risk Reduction with Remediation Operations

Accelerate risk reduction with Seemplicity's RemOps solution

Remediation Operations: A Step-by-Step Guide to Vulnerability Remediation

Streamline your vulnerability management processes to accelerate risk reduction

Security Remediation at Cloud Scale

Learn how to transform your remediation operations strategy for cloud and application environments

Cool Vendors
for the Modern Security
Operations Center

2023 Gartner Cool Vendor Report

SANS 2023 DevSecOps Survey Event Panel Discussion

Learn how to get more actionable results out of your DevSecOps practices

The Secret Sauce Behind Great DevSecOps

Learn why optimizing your RemOps processes is the ultimate path to improving communication

Staying Ahead of Risk and Exposure Using a Remediation Operations Platform

An ESG Whitepaper

SANS 2023
DevSecOps Survey

Understand what’s needed for successful DevSecOps practices

The 2023 State
of Risk Reduction:
A Need for Speed

A Dark Reading Research Report

Adapting Cyber Security to Economic Challenges

Why the current challenging economic climate will require security teams to change the way they collaborate

6 Ways to Accelerate Time to Remediation

Find out how you can accelerate your organization’s time-to-remediation

DevSec for Scale

How to Eliminate Friction in Security Teams

Bringing the Future of Work to Security Teams

Seemplicity & Checkmarx partner to streamline the discover-to-remediation AppSec lifecycle

Time to Rethink Over Prioritization & Under Remediation

Explore two approaches to driving remediation forwards

Is the Security Team the Bottleneck to Remediation?

Remove security as the middleman between findings and fixers

Buy or Build: Risk Reduction Workflow Automations

Discussing Buy vs. Build options when it comes to risk reduction workflows

The Seemplicity Solution Brief

Learn about making the remediation process Seemple!

Fix More, Prioritize Less

Learn about Prioritization vs. Process Automation

3 Things that Slow Your Time to Remediation

This eBook examines the key stages of Time to Remediation, and where delays are likely to occur