Seemplicity secures a total of $32M to bring the future of work to security teams!

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Seemplicity Resources

Is the Security Team the Bottleneck to Remediation?

Remove security as the middleman between findings and fixers

Time to Rethink Over Prioritization & Under Remediation

Explore two approaches to driving remediation forwards

6 Ways to Accelerate Time to Remediation

Find out how you can accelerate your organization’s time-to-remediation

Buy or Build: Risk Reduction Workflow Automations

Discussing Buy vs. Build options when it comes to risk reduction workflows

Bringing the Future of Work to Security Teams

Seemplicity & Checkmarx partner to streamline the discover-to-remediation AppSec lifecycle

The Seemplicity Solution Brief

Learn about making the remediation process Seemple!

Fix More, Prioritize Less

Learn about Prioritization vs. Process Automation

3 Things that Slow Your Time to Remediation

This eBook examines the key stages of Time to Remediation, and where delays are likely to occur