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SANS 2023
DevSecOps Survey

What’s needed for successful DevSecOps? You have to build trusted relationships and excellent communications between development, security, and operations teams so that they can share the security responsibility effectively.

Download the 2023 DevSecOps Survey, the 10th in its series, to see what your peers are reporting. The Survey analyzes the maturity of DevSecOps practices by covering a range of relevant indicators and comparing current data with past years to help security practitioners understand how they can continue to adapt to the modern enterprise.

The survey focuses on how organizations utilize cloud platforms, development architectures, and ecosystems to address security requirements and risks, as well as the tools, skills, and emerging technologies shaping the future of DevSecOps.

Read the report to discover:

  • The most recent findings in DevSecOps practices, such as the rise in automated security testing.
  • How organizations are transforming their approach to security and preparing for the future.
  • The obstacles hindering DevSecOps success.
  • The role communication plays in contributing to DevSecOps success.
  • What organizations are doing to “shift left”.

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