Seemplicity secures a total of $32M to bring the future of work to security teams!

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The Risk Reduction Platform for Security Teams

Become Agilely Secure, with Ease

Whether you run a smooth security program or just getting
started, Seemplicity unlocks the power of agile security



Reduced time-to-



Cut out time wasted
on manual operations



Increase in SLA

Plan, Fix, Deliver, We're Yours




Centralize & prioritize all your findings in one single place with no duplications, and in one format.

Plan security sprints ahead to meet set SLAs.

Optimize remediation efforts with grouped findings that have the same fix

Automatically find the fixer for each findings and the tracking system they work with.

Automate and orchestrate the dispatch of remediation tasks to the relevant tracking system and scripted handovers across the entire remediation lifecycle.

Deliver metrics and KPIs to benchmark performance over time and across teams and programs.

Choose A Workflow or Create Your Own

Every organization has a unique process for reducing risks. Use an out-of-the-box workflow, or create one to match the way your teams work.

Integrate With the Tools You Already Use

Integrate with the tools your teams already use to consolidate risk reduction efforts and seamlessly deliver remediation actions to the right people.

All Integrations

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The Seemplicity Solution Brief

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Seeing is Believing

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