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Seemplicity secures a total of $32M to bring the future of work to security teams!

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Seemplicity: The RemOps Platform to Unlock Risk Reduction Success

Scale Remediation Operations with Ease

Process automation and workflow integration that gets you ahead of risk, eliminates process busy work, and drives team engagement



Reduced time-to-remediation



Elimination of time wasted
on manual operations



Of remediation time spent returned to Dev and Ops fixing teams

Automate the Entire RemOps Lifecycle Across Security and Fixing Teams




Aggregate, dedupe and correlate all security findings across all domains from all tools.

Manage findings in one place in a common format.

Group findings based on common fixes.

Choose which fixes to prioritize, identify who best to fix it, validate how to fix and specify where to route.

Take account of fixing team request capacity and backlog before routing.

Automatically distribute remediation requests to chosen fixers into the appropriate platforms.

Fixing teams receive and respond to requests directly in native work management systems.

Fixers can accept, request clarification or re-routing, or reject requests.

Fixers understand and are accountable to agreed service level agreements.

Choose A Workflow or Create Your Own, All with No Code

Every organization has unique processes for Remops. Use our out-of-the-box workflows, or use the no code RemOps workflow builder to create ones that match the way your teams work.

Manage Process Service Level Agreements and Compliance

Define, track and communicate Service Level Agreements and compliance requirements. Provide ongoing tracking and reporting against both.

Integrate With the Tools You Already Use

Integrate with the tools your teams already use to unify Remediation Operations from finding to fixing.

All Integrations

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The 2023 State
of Risk Reduction:
A Need for Speed

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