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Application Security Posture Management

Holistic Application Security Posture Management with Remediation Operations

The Problems
& Our Solutions
The Problem
Our Solution

Siloed application security testing tools and development teams

Unified application security posture data across cloud, applications, and infrastructure to inform remediation

Slow, manual, or redundant correlation of AST findings and unclear remediation ownership across developers

Automated normalization and prioritization that delivers targeted remediation requests via bi-directional integration with Jira and other ticketing systems

Unscalable process compliance and difficulty maintaining audit trails and documentation

Minimized compliance drift with robust reporting and SLA tracking

Delayed or insecure code releases due to slow pace of remediation

Efficient data-driven code-fixes and remediation tasks delivered with automated DevSecOps workflows

Key Features for Application Security Posture Management

Focus on remediation, not vulnerabilities

Application security testing tools identify software vulnerabilities, but their value is often limited by their siloed nature and unstructured, high volume, and often duplicate output. The Seemplicity Remediation Operations platform harnesses the output provided by SAST, DAST, IAST, SCA tools, and more, to deliver context-driven remediation information to the right developers in the ticketing platforms they already use.

Seemplicity's remediation operations platform makes risk based vulnerability management easy by leveraging threat intelligence software and AI to route tasks to the right people across all teams

Deep, unified visibility

Empower development and remediation teams with cohesive visibility in a single backlog that extends across application security testing tools and technology layers to accelerate decision making and remediate with velocity.

Automated prioritization and triage

Eliminate the need for manual risk correlation and triage. Seemplicity automatically prioritizes application security risks based on business context and provides root-cause fixes in one actionable ticket. Automated workflows deliver remediation tasks to the appropriate developers to enable productivity and shift the focus to fixes.

Proactive vulnerability remediation

Shift-left methodologies and CI/CD tools, while fundamental to application development, create a need for speed that can sometimes cause misconfigurations and vulnerabilities to go unresolved. The Seemplicity platform surfaces critical vulnerabilities and validates their resolution so code releases are secure and compliant by design.

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