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Automated Vulnerability Management

Take the Pain Out of Vulnerability Risk Reduction

The Problems
& Our Solutions
The Problem
Our Solution

Slow Mean Time to Remediate (MTTR)

Automate processes across the entire vulnerability management workflow

Overworked and frustrated vulnerability management teams and poor fixing team relations

Connect processes across vulnerability management and dev, cloud and operations teams and tools

Reactive prioritization against growing vulnerability findings backlog

Choose remediations based on full context, solution impact, fixing team capacity and other factors

Difficult to document, enforce and audit process compliance

Track process from finding to fixing across all tools and platforms

Key Features for Automating Vulnerability Management

Automate Vulnerability Management Processes to Scale

Seemplicity unifies and automates vulnerability management process across teams, findings and time.  Remediate more of what matters and do it faster.

Bidirectional Process Integration with Work Management Systems

Seemplicity routes vulnerability fixes to the right team in the right work platform and maintains full visibility into fixing issues and progress.

Choose Fixes for Impact

With Seemplicity you will remediate what matters with full context from all findings and tools and automated prioritization choice recommendations.

SLA and Process Compliance Reporting

Seemplicity maintains full visibility into remediation operations processes and outcomes for compliance and SLA management.

Seeing is Believing

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