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Cloud Security Risk Management

Scale cloud risk reduction with Seemplicity

The Problems
& Our Solutions
The Problem
Our Solution

Difficulty pinpointing risk in a highly dynamic cloud environment with a growing backlog

Centralized, contextual findings from every cloud security layer with actionable remediation items grouped by root cause

Growing backlog of misconfigurations, vulnerable APIs, and exposed cloud assets

Customized risk scores that help teams prioritize remediation tasks

Manual triage and coordination across security and remediation teams

Automated workflows that bundle remediation tasks by root cause and deliver the right action items to the right teams

Inconsistent documentation and manual evidence collection for audit trails

Single pane of glass to automatically track remediation, SLA compliance, and other GRC initiatives

Key Features for Cloud Risk Reduction

Cloud risk reduction for cloud-native, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments

Seemplicity combats gaps in visibility and unseen risk by integrating with and centralizing output from your existing CSPM, CWPP, CIEM, and other cloud security testing tools to oversee risk remediation from one single platform.

Focus on business-critical fixes

The Seemplicity platform leverages your business context and your priorities to assess which vulnerabilities matter the most to your organization. Seemplicity’s remediation queues eliminate the need for an otherwise overwhelming backlog by segmenting and continuously updating priorities into manageable, actionable chunks.

Remediate at velocity

Seemplicity’s Remediation Choice Engine™ and Intelligent Remediation Router™ get the right remediation tasks to the right people at the right time to help you keep up with the dynamic nature of your cloud environment without the need for manual triage.

Seemplicity's remediation operations platform makes risk based vulnerability management easy by leveraging threat intelligence software and AI to route tasks to the right people across all teams

Take the guesswork out of cloud compliance

Seemplicity guards against compliance drift by helping you enforce process compliance, SLA compliance, and role-based access controls to ensure that the your cloud environment stays as secure as possible.

Seeing is Believing

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