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Unified Vulnerability Management

Accelerate risk reduction across code, cloud, and infrastructure with Remediation Operations

The Problems
& Our Solutions
The Problem
Our Solution

Fragmented visibility across the modern attack surface due to domain specific tooling

100+ out-of-the-box tool integrations unified in one platform

Manual risk triage that wastes security team’s time

Automatically triage code, cloud, and infrastructure findings

Fragmented vulnerability scanning results and manual correlation from tool-specific risk scores

Automated normalization and prioritization

Lacking tool to manage vulnerabilities within business context to ensure effective risk management

Software provides visibility and prioritization for critical vulnerabilities, ensuring severe threats are addressed promptly

Key Features for Unified Vulnerability Management

Remove silos and technological barriers

No more logging in and out of individual scanners and security testing tools to collect data or start remediating. Seemplicity consolidates and adds context to security  findings across code, cloud, and infrastructure and centralizes them into one single vulnerability management program so all teams are working from the same set of information.

Seemplicity's platform centralizes vulnerability data and critical risks into one place to streamline data collection and remediation.

Comprehensive understanding of security posture

Seemplicity’s ability to centralize and consolidate depth and breadth of information across domains makes it easy to monitor application security posture management, cloud security posture management, and unified insights at scale.

Seemplicity's purpose-built and unified approach to risk-based vulnerability management helps your security team and fixing teams work better together, ensuring full network visibility, addressing security risks, and helping to prioritize

Full RemOps automation

The Seemplicity RemOps platform (short for Remediation Operations) takes the manual correlation and guesswork out of vulnerability triage and prioritization. Once risk is detected, the Seemplicity Remediation Choice Engine™ and Intelligent Remediation Router™ get the right remediation tasks to the right people across all teams, helping to prioritize and automate remediation tasks efficiently.

Seemplicity's remediation operations platform makes risk based vulnerability management easy by leveraging threat intelligence software and AI to route tasks to the right people across all teams

Seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack

Instead of adding to your long list of burdensome tools, Seemplicity streamlines remediation operations without disruption, taking the strain off security teams. It integrates seamlessly with existing work management systems to efficiently deliver remediation tasks and updates across all platforms as progress is made. This approach supports the security team by reducing burnout and speeding up remediation times, all while providing network visibility, prioritization, and real-time reporting through Seemplicity’s robust vulnerability management solutions.
Our Full Integration List

Our Full Integration List
Seemplicity's platform leverages threat intelligence and vulnerability data to make remediation and prioritization easy, all while integrating with your existing security tools

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